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Why Sell Backlinks with LemmiLink ?

Keep control of the content and price, while maximizing your gains.
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A Platform Designed For Publishers :

Enjoy a user experience smooth and pleasant to handle adding your sites as well as the commands that you receive
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Prompt Payment :

Receive your payments within 30 days after delivery.
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The sale of backlinks : an art and a science.

Sell backlinks goes beyond just a job.

The communication with the advertisers can sometimes turn into a real headache, as is managing the delivery of content.

We understand that the sale of backlinks is only part of the responsibilities of a site owner and should not take all your time.

Our platform is designed to facilitate you the task, with an audience is always ready to support you and to save you time.

  • Simple and effective management (with accompaniment)
  • Be paid within 30 days after delivery.
  • Sell at the price you want.

Find, finally, a platform in line with your expectations and your needs !

In LemmiLink, we don't want to become a gas plant.Β 

The platform has been developed starting from 0 and the goal is to stay close and listen to our users in order to better respond to your expectations.


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Sites (2000 to venirs)



What our customers say about us (during Beta)

Take into account the feedback and ideas of our users (publishers and advertisers alike) is the most important thing for us !

Website publishers


"And intuitive Interface that makes it easy to find good spots, as the editor I also like the facility to add sites"


ClΓ©ment L

β€œ Not bad design of the platform β€œ


Jennifer Larcher

"Thank you for having allowed me to participate in the beta, despite the small bug, the interface is cool and the backlinks delivered very good quality, see in time

Website publishers


"in any case, if I can make a return, in terms of ux, I kiff crazy kind hyper-intuitive"


Monetize your website with LemmiLink without losing your content.

Join our user-friendly platform and is dedicated to your success today. If you need help, advice or to add a hundred sites, our team is ready to assist you better.